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Top Websites Where You Can Read Ebooks For Free

In the age of technology,paperback books have been ditched for the convenient ebooks.Ebooks are much more accessible,they occupy no space in your travel baggage,so one can bring one thousand of books with him on almost any device.

However,it may be hard to find a good source of ebooks that gets constantly updated and has a vast library,so we have put togheter 10 websites that will be of great help for all the avid readers.


ReadPrint is the online house to thousands of free books to read online,with a library that provides every genre one could look for.You must sign up for free,you will be given a digital library card with which you can access a variety of books.Also,you can keep track of what you have read and receive suggestions on what may interest you further.

Also,at ReadPrint users can join book clubs in order to discuss extraordinary pieces of literature.


With thousands of free books in its library,ManyBooks is the place to go when you need to save the ebooks for later.This website gives its users the possibility to download ebooks in almost any format one can think of.
In order to be more organized,ManyBooks have put together collections of books so that people can explore topics in a more interesting way.Other than that,if you wish to read books cronologically,ManyBooks has a “series” page dedicated for that.

The Literature Network

For the ones that find digging for a good book pleasant,The Literature Network is organized alphabetically by author.Selecting a certain author will bring up its biography and related links.Most downloads are free,but for a small amount of books,they will require a small fee.

Project Gutenberg

With over 30,000 of ebooks available in different formats,Project Gutenberg is one of the best source of ebooks,and the oldest website with probably the largest library of free books.Project Gutenberg provides its users a top 100 list to show what other people have been downloading recently.

online ebooks


          Authorama is the website which provides books that are written in HTML and XHTML format,which means they are in an easy to read format.Most of the books are in English,but there are a few books in German as well.Authorama offers a rather big library that you can read online,in browser,or you have the option to print out the ebooks for later.


Wikibooks is a free website that has an open collection of textbooks.Subjects vary,so as to find what you look for,you can choose the “Subject” tab.Also,the “Featured Books” section is believed to be the best that Wikibooks has to offer,from a user point of view.

Sacred Texts

Sacred Texts is the websites with the biggest library of online ebooks that revolve around religion,folklore,mythology and esoteric topics.


Librivox the paradise of audiobook lovers.All the ebooks here all absolutely free,but the best feature this site has to offer is the fact that all the classic books are available in a high-quality audio format,free for anybody to listen/download.

The Open Library

The Open Library is the basic ebook website,with a pleasant design and loads of ebooks.Users can download the books in PDF,ePub,Daisy,DjVu and ASCII format.

Questia Public Library

One of the go-to sites for librarians and students,Questia proves to be a faithful companion in what concerns research material.Even more than that,they provide a library filled with classic books,rare books and textbooks,all free to download.



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