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Top Ten Websites Where You Can Listen to Music for Free

There are many top music websites present on the internet that provide free music online and it may be quite difficult if you search for free online music.

There are some fourteen top notch places where you may listen to free music online so that you can enjoy the music to the fullest extent:

The free online sources of music work in a different way and all have varied aspects. You may find music databases where you may search for a song or an artist and listen to it on the online radio stations.

These top music websites are awesome places to listen to free music online. You have to listen to the ads once at a time. These sites provide free music online and you have to find out where you may download free music. You would want to be aware of the finest places online to view free music videos and the finest free music apps.


It is a fabulous free music streaming site that has access to many songs so that you may listen to them whenever you desire and as many times as you wish.

The free music online may be played through a web browser or a mobile gadget.


It is a nice place to listen to free music online from the finest artists and is a great place to find new music that you will like so much. When you happen to listen to your radio station, you can hear songs and artists who are same as those you like. You can tell Pandora in case you wish to hear what you want to listen to or go in a different way.

TuneIn Radio

This is the finest place to listen to live radio stations on the internet. You may find the stations local to your vicinity and all over the world.

You may browse the radio stations by sports, music, news and genre and find anything from rock, religious music to tennis stations, business news and radio stations.

listen to music online


A nice aspect of this is that it blends a custom music streaming service and a live radio app into one top music website and app.

You may have to listen to live radio stations by opting the city and genre that you adore. iHeartRadio will show all the stations that suit your search criteria and you have to listen instantly.


Last.fm is a top music website for listening to free music online and also for downloading free music. You just need to insert the artists you adore into Last.fm and they will give the radio station that has that artist and other artists.


It functions by artists and users by uploading music for you so that you may listen to it freely. There is a home audio that you may find here.

You can explore the website through genre such as Electronic, Disco, Ambient, Country etc. You will also find a search tool which will assist you in finding tracks, artists, bands etc.

Dash Radio

It is one more internet radio site that has many free stations with varied genres. You may find a station by genre or via search in order to begin streaming music instantly. There is a facility to which you may add any station to your dashboard. This will help you access it in the time to come.


There is free online music at 8Tracks grouped into short playlists of at least eight songs that may be placed by you. It is a nice means to be your own DJ or make the best mix for whatever mood you are in.

Incus Tunes

When you make a free account with Incus Tunes, you will get fast access to free music and several ways to browse them.

The main page exhibits top songs that people listen to on the top music website and you need to browse by genre,  public playlists etc.

Slacker Radio

This is same to some of the other music streaming sites and it helps you make custom radio stations that are developed on the genres, songs and artists you enjoy.

Slacker Radio will stream music recommendations with the songs that you wish to listen to.


Jango is one more exciting free streaming radio station and you may listen to free music online from your computer.

AOL Radio

AOL Radio will assist you to opt for free online radio stations in all types of genres and you need to listen to music you like in just some seconds.


MusixHub is yet another source of infinite free music. This top music website functions by associating your albums you desire to the music videos of the songs on YouTube.


This is like some other online radios present in the list. You may browse the station by genre. AccuRadio will choose a random one in case you do not know what to listen to.

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