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Top Ten Social Media Post Ideas You Can Steal For Your Brand


Whenever you wish to do the promotion of your business, you have to be careful about the kind of posts that will resonate with your audience. There is a great deal of inspiration in the social media post ideas.

There are ten social media post ideas that you may utilize for your small business.

New Product Announcements

A very simple announcement on social media can move a big way when you release a new product. This is one of the greatest social media post ideas.

Exceptional Product Ideas

You may have to exhibit your products in an exceptional or an interesting way to provide your customers with some ideas about how they may use or wear your products. This is yet another greatest social media post idea.

Customer questions

When you pose questions to your customers who follow you on social media, this may assist you to enhance the engagement and visibility of your posts and provide you with some access to the insights and information.

Re-posted Customer Photos

You may begin your hashtag or browse the posts in which the customers give the tagging to your brand and then they repost some of the photos on your feed. This enables you to exhibit your products in an exceptional way and show some appreciation for your customers who post regarding your brand.

Limited Time Sales

Social media is a fantastic place to post your promotions or sales. It is good in case that sale is for a shorter duration of time or is exclusive to the social media followers.

Short Videos

Videos are highly popular on the sites such as Facebook. They need not be long. Something like close up of McDonald’s chicken nuggets and dipping sauce is great social media post ideas that will really be beneficial.

Behind the Scenes Videos

You may post some videos on YouTube or some place else that exhibit the scenes for your business or the making of a specific product. Disney park provides this kind of behind the scenes looks. It is regarding the new Pandora park section.

News of the Company

If a new service or some initiative is added to your company,  you may utilize social media as a means to get the message just as Uber did for its business service.

Helpful Articles

Social media is a nice place to share and learn information regarding a wide variety of topics. In case you see an article, video or a blog post or some other content piece that is relevant to your target audience, it will be a fantastic aspect to share.

Influencer Takeovers

In case you have any relationship with the influencers who seem to be relevant to your audience, then you may ask them to take over your account and provide a varied kind of content for your followers. This is a great social media post idea.



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