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Top 10 most expensive streets in the world 2012

Here is a list of the most expensive places in the world to live in. From big cities like London and New York, to the exotic Cap Ferrat or Sardinia, these are the places where the richest people on the planet live:


10. Ostozhenka, Moscow –  €13,000 per square meter.

Right in the heart of the city, this area is known as the “Golden Mile”. The street’s buildings have a pre-revolutionary architecture and many of them are not only residential, but hosting cultural centers.


9. Wolseley Road, Point Piper –  €15,000 per square meter.

Lined with harbour-view houses, this is the most expensive place to live in Australia and it is home to many wealthy businessmen like Andrew Banks, co-founder of Morgan and  Banks investments.


8. Via Romazzino, Porto Cervo, Sardinia  –  €15,000 per square meter.

This expensive street has been home to many celebrities, including the owner of the football club Arsenal, Alisher Usmanov. Porto Cervo is one of the most exclusive seaside resorts in the world.


7. Rue Bellot, Geneva  –  €31,000 per square meter.

Lack of availability and high restrictions regarding who can buy a property here has made Rue Bellot proprety prices skyrocket.


6. Quai Anatole, Paris  –  €32,000 per square meter.

Topping  Avenue Montaigne as the most expensive street in Paris, this street offers lovely views of river Seine and beautiful Parisian achitecture.


5. Fifth Avenue, New York  –  €45,000 per square meter.

New York’s Fith Avenue tops not only as a glamorous fashion street, but also as a residential location. Director Woody Allen is among the celebs who live here.


4. Chemin de Saint-Hospice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France  –  €45,000 per square meter.

One of the favourite holiday spots for european aristocracy and international billionaires. Celebrities who have rented out villas here are Jack Nichilson, Elton John and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.


3. Avenue Princesse Grace, Monaco  –  €50,000 per square meter.

Overlooking the Mediteranean Sea, the street named after actress Grace Kelly is occupied by luxury high-rise apartment buildings and luxury hotels. Living here will put you next to eastern billionaires, sheikhs and royalty.


2. Severn Road, Hong Kong  –  €54,000 per square meter.

The street has about 60 residence, all with magnificent views of the Hong-Kong’s skyscrapers.


1. Kensington Palace Gardens, London  –  €55,000 per square meter.

The tree lined street is located next to Hyde Park, and has grand mansions and palaces. It is home to the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Catherine, also has the London home of the Sultan of Burnei. The UK’s richest man, Lakshmi Mittal also lives in a mansion dubbed the Taj Mittal, which he bought from Formula 1 boss Ernie Ecclestone in 2004.





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