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Top 10 most expensive hotels in the world [2012]

It’s time we discuss about how and where to spend your vacations. Viewing a hotel reservation, we must get ready all the necessary specifications beforehand. One of them is to confirm where to stay. Of course you do not want your holiday to be frustrating, but if you do not make the correct decision about selecting the hotels, then probably you would be spoiling your holidays. The following are details of the best and magnificent hotels that you can lease to remain there.

Do not be amazed if the price can be depleting your pockets, because below are the top 10 most costly hotels on the globe that price is proportionate to the features and solutions.

10. Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome

The Imperial Package was designed on the 2nd ground of Recreation area Hyatt-Vendôme’s Haussmanian, it is one of the most expensive hotels situated in London, an enchanting town. This ideal resort is for a couple of romantic people. You can appreciate a lot of features like terrace place of 59 square meters. Bar screen, kitchen, water room bathtub, rub desk and Kenmore bathtub just for $15,500 per night.

9. Royal Suite, Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris

The 9th position in this most expensive list, Elegant package in Four Seasons Henry V is one of the magnificent package in any hotel in London. It is offering you for 2 magnificent nearby packages that can used as enjoyment area and a relaxing area. These 2 packages are triggered with big personal lavatories and beautiful traditional furniture. Besides that, there are also have stone access lobby, visitor dust area, personal office, water area and more. We will spend your evening in this package is only $16,000 per evening.

8. Royal Suite, Le Richmond Hotel in Geneva

Geneva is a good place for tourists. So, for anybody who want to experience the 1st category hotel in Geneva, I’ll take you to Le Richmond Hotel, one of the most recommended hotels  in Geneva. The elegant Armleder package is the most awesome package in this resort which on the 7th ground. You can perspective the wonderful Downhill Hill and Geneva town from this identifier. The package designed by silver mosaics, several personal solutions and other features like huge patio. Just invest your cash for $17,500 per night

7. Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Overnight in one of the globe’s tallest buildings. It is the desire of every person to live in. Check out the most costly hotels in Dubai, Burj Al Arab hotel and then book the elegant package room for one evening. You will have a personal lift, awesome mahogany fixtures, wonderful stone surfaces and incredible spinning bedrooms with personal cinema visuals. It’s $18,000 per night.

6. A suite at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow

Have you ever gone the Ritz-Carlton Resort in Moscow? There is a magnificent package with perfect uniqueness. You can enjoy the spectacular view of the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Church, Red Rectangle, and Jesus the Messiah Church from the screen of the package.

Also it triggered with magnificent traditional European Style home furniture, office area, boardroom, chosen area, warmed ground and one big guitar. Just $18,200 per night to getting to sleep here.


5. A suite in Atlantis Resort Hotel in Bahamas

Bahamas is a wonderful isle and people really like to holiday there. But, if you want to spend an elegant time in the Bahamas, you must go to the Bridge Suite at The Atlantis Resort hotel.

All of the development, style and features are taken from the best! The suite designed with 10 unique locations, personal servant and the area is complete with red, dark-colored and silver fixtures. You can remain here for $25,000 an evening.

4. King’s Penthouse, President Wilson Hotel in Geneva

Another one of the most an accommodation in Geneva is King’s Penthouse in Chief executive Wilson Resort. It’s difficult to believe because you must have about $31,462 in your wallet to remain here in one evening. But, according to cost, this hotel providing you to savor a huge area for mixture events, bullet-proof ms windows, six lavatories and other top quality features.

3. Penthouse, Four Seasons Hotel in New York


Penthouse of Four Conditions Resort become the 3rd of the most expensive hotels which situated in New York. Actually, you can do anything here that give you the experience with some awesome features like nine locations with a big guitar, 360 level view, wire TV and other features that you never experience before. Gather your cash about $32,370 for one evening.

2. Hugh Hefner’s Suite at Palms Casino Resort Hotel

Everybody knows who is Hugh Hefner. He is the Boss of a playboy who has the alms Casino Hotel Resort. If you book your room here, you will be provided an excellent Spa which looking over Las Vegas, excellent rotating bed, servant, replicated roof and much more. You know, this one of the excellent hotels on the globe that have excellent assistance, top quality flavor and an elegant position. But there is a saddening information because you should pay for $38,070 just for one night! Which is a lot of money…

1. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi Hotel in Athens

And for the last, also for the victorious one of the most expensive hotels in this record is Elegant Property at Huge Hotel Lagonissi Hotel which situated in Athens, Portugal. All you get are warmed damages, servant, water area, and guitar with a guitar player. And the most insane things that you will get here is a personal seaside for you, can you think about that?

So, no wonder if the cost provided to remain an evening here is very costly, which is about $47,527 per evening and of course creates Huge Hotel Lagonissi Hotel as the most an accommodation on the globe.

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