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Top Street Style Views at Pitti Uomo SS18 Fashion Event

Pitti Uomo has become a traditional menswear show in Florence by offering synchronization with the best designers with their collections that are a blend of classic and modern style. In addition, you can easily pick those hardcore and uber masculine forms, which you do not find elsewhere or any other menswear show across the globe. The top street style looks at Pitti Uomo SS18 takes your breath away, and a few may find it uninteresting due to the addition of street style – a unique breed that is flamboyant.

After acquiring an outstanding reputation as a major show concerning the tailoring, selection of colors, and design, Pitti Uomo began to float towards the casual side, with both designers and consumers seeking street-style attire that is comfortable and yet is fashionable as before. Therefore, let us have a glance at the top street style looks at Pitti Uomo SS18.

Stripes – a standard angle that we come across in different styles. However, the point we are mentioning is because of its addition to every item a designer could see its importance as a pivotal player in fashion. It appeared on suits, blazers, ties, and shirts. The boldness is something that we do not see often, and this is the reason for adding it to the list.

fashion menswear trends

Earth tones – we are not talking about the regular brown or the different shades of it, which is common across the globe. You will find them right from your hat to the shoes that you wear. Why we decided to add earth tones to the list are the most visible colors that we see in nature, especially in the wild. Yes, we are talking about different shades of green, hues, of brown, and olive green. You will be thrilled to note that you will find olive green garments right from shirts to ties, and suits across different fashion outlets in the streets of Florence.

fashion menswear trends

Casual – because of the event held in the month of June, many tend to opt for a practical choice because of the heat. The traditional t-shirt and pant are familiar sights across the streets of Florence, with many sporting white upper and blue, black, or other shades of the bottom.

fashion menswear trends

Polo shirts – although unnoticeable, polo shirts were visible upon keen observation and after spending plenty of time. They are hidden under blazers, making it difficult to find them quickly on the street. We found people where they wore the collar of the shirt over the jacket, like the good olden days, and there were those who hid it under the collar of the blazer.

fashion menswear trends

Dressing has always been a difficult task during summers. However, the top street style looks at Pitti Uomo SS18 had a different answer – a perfect blend of color, cloth, and elegance. Inclusions of linen jackets, blazers with stripes, use of vibrant colors, and of course, the signature Panama hat – an essential accessory to complete the attire and stay under the shade.


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