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Top Million Dollar Rooms

We often feel that a five star or a seven-star hotel have the most expensive rooms. However, it is not the case, as there are amazing and extraordinary luxurious rooms available at different parts of the globe where you will have to shell out millions of dollars per room.

Peak into the most expensive rooms of the most lavish houses, multimillion dollar media room, basement consisting of a glass ceiling, and a garage so spacious that you can arrange an indoor shooting range.

Million-dollar terrace

million dollar rooms

The million-dollar terrace includes a fabulous pool surrounded by a sweeping staircase and patio along with columns and flooring made out of marble. Also, the terrace has three separate outdoor kitchens to provide the best outdoor retreat experience. It even has hot tubs on either side of the pool, constructed using pure marble. The terrace has a well-planned nighttime lighting that offers a spectacular view of the entire arena, which is an added feather.

Million-dollar kitchen

million dollar rooms

The Florida-based million-dollar kitchen features a dramatic ceiling and custom wood cabinetry with countertops alone costing over $150,000. It even has a custom-designed saltwater aquarium that has a price tag of $300,000. The fascinating point about this aquarium is that it doubles as a bar. The kitchen area also has a separate seating arrangement for enjoying the sunrise/sunset of Florida.

Million-dollar game room

million dollar rooms

million dollar rooms

Yes, expensive rooms also feature a million-dollar game room that consists of an impressive array of electronic gadgets, TV monitors and state of the art gaming equipment. It even has an excellent collection of arcade games such as table hockey and foosball, which makes it a good opportunity to try pursuing and winning in the less “virtual” games. It even boasts of multiple game stations that act best for individual gaming or network gaming. When space ran out, the dining room became the gaming annex with all arrangements in place.

Million-dollar garage

million dollar rooms

We are not talking about the traditional garage where you carry out your regular maintenance. This million-dollar garage is house to both classic and modern automobiles. It even has its own car wash. The entrance to the garage is through a door disguised to look like a kitchen cabinet. In extension to the customary organization of the collection of automobiles, it also hosts a private indoor shooting range.

Million-dollar home theater

million dollar rooms

Million-dollar will be an understatement in this case, as the price tag for this video and audio file mecca is over $ 6 million. The theater features a video screen and a huge collection of vinyl recordings. Mounted on isolated stands, Macintosh tube amps control the entire sound system.

Million-dollar rooms are the most expensive rooms in comparison to others as seen above. The value increases according to the addition of gadgets, designs, materials, and use of technology. Irrespective of all these, quite a few people possess the ability to construct a multi-dollar villa/house. Of course, there is nothing that we cannot do about it apart from getting an insight into the collections.

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