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10 of The Richest Nightclubs Around The World

While many find nightclubs in their native country, the wealthiest people travel abroad and find the richest nightclubs to spend a lavish night out.

Club Aquarium – United Kingdom

Taking the 10th spot in the richest nightclubs, Club Aquarium located in London is the richest nightclub where everyone can groove to the music on the dance floor, enjoy cocktails while swimming, jump into the Jacuzzi, and enjoy a plethora of features.

top nighltife places

Pangea Club – Singapore

The richest club in Singapore is Pangea Club, which offers luxurious and sleek interiors, which fits the ambiance of the nightclub. Located in the Marina Bay Sands Resorts, Pangea Club has everything that a luxury seeker would seek.

Chlosterli Club – Switzerland

Located in the mountain retreat of Swiss Alps, the club stands in the eighth position of the richest nightclubs in the world. The club transforms into a nightclub at night, but during the day it serves as a restaurant.

LIV Club – Florida

With 30,000 square feet available, the LIV Club in Florida takes the seventh spot in the richest nightclubs in the world. Located in the Miami Beach, it is a perfect getaway for those who would wish to get into the tranquillity of music.

Cocoon Club – Germany

With the ability to hold 1200 people at a time, the Cocoon Club in Germany is still difficult to enter. The club is famous across the globe for its luxurious interiors and a screen that projects video effects creating the right kind of chic nightclub that the current generation wishes for.

Halikarnas Club – Turkey

top nighltife places


Located in the resort town of Turkey called as Bodrum, the club resides next to a beach so that you can take a stroll once you get tired of the music. However, remember that the club is capable of handling 10,000 people at a time.

XS Club – Las Vegas

Reaching the fourth spot in the richest nightclubs in the world, the XS Club is famous for offering incredibly luxurious interiors. The dance floor alone measures 13,000 square feet. If you are on tour to visit nightclubs, then make sure that XS Club is on the list.

Cavalli – Dubai

Located in the Fairmont Tower Hotel, the nightclub houses an impressive three-floor construction. According to rumors, it is the richest club in Dubai. You will find about 356,000 Swarovski crystals and get a glimpse of high-end couture designs by Roberto Cavalli.

La Fira Club – Spain

The Barcelona club ranks second in the richest nightclubs for offering unique and antique furniture, which are the main attractions. The addition of fun mirrors scattered across the club ensures that you have the best of the time while you are at the club.

Hakkasan – Las Vegas

Hakkasan, located in Las Vegas is the number one spot as the richest nightclub in the world. People with loads of money, celebrities, and business class people only venture into this club who do not mind dishing out millions of dollar for a bottle of alcohol.

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