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Top Luxurious Travel Destinations You Need to Discover

If you are looking out for luxurious travel destinations, which you have not yet discovered, then the following are the premier destinations that will offer you the best of the luxury that you can look forward to from the money you spend.

  1. Tanzania – Asilia Highlands

luxurious travel destinations

Asilia Highline’s in Tanzania has a fame for offering spectacular scenery and for its wildlife located in the pristine islands of the Indian Ocean. Being part of the luxurious travel destinations, you get an insight into the nature and up close to volcanic mountain peaks that also includes Kilimanjaro. The conservation area is a 45-minute drive from the Ngorongoro Crater, giving you an easy access to one of the highest biodiversity in the world. The artistic geodesic dome residences provide sweeping views of the volcano, all the way up to Serengeti.

  1. Seychelles

luxurious travel destinations

Located in the Indian Ocean, and home to one of the best flora and fauna, Seychelles is an unlikely beach destination. The archipelago islands offer spectacular sceneries where you can explore numerous islands surrounding the main island. You can explore the island through Crystal Cruises winter package. The cruise is capable of accommodating 62 passengers. In addition, the service includes all the luxury amenities with added elegance of private yacht.

  1. Japan – Prince Gallery Tokyo Kiocho

luxurious travel destinations

From the city streets consisting of temples in the streets, to the happening streets, Kyoto, Japan is scaling as luxurious travel destinations by offering new amenities and hotel’s that are offering exceptional services to their guests. The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kiocho is the first luxury collection property, with a never-ending view of the cityscape that you can access from the 30th to 36th floor. The garden on the terrace creates a tranquil environment with the presence of all the modern aesthetic, which together create a sense of floating experience for the guest.

  1. Peru – Inkaterra

luxurious travel destinations

From the Sacred Valley of Incas, to the Amazon, Peru has a long history of civilization. Additionally, it is also part of luxurious travel destinations in the world for nature lovers due to its biodiversity consisting of fertile high lands and rainforests. Peru is home to amphibians, mammals, birds, and over 3,000 species of orchids. Apart from the natural wonders, it also offers archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu, which gives you an insight into the ancient Incan civilization.

  1. Amsterdam

luxurious travel destinations

Forget about the red light districts and the culture of hash bars, Amsterdam is undergoing a massive change and becoming a cultural destination by hosting art museums, au courant shopping, and culinary scenes. The interconnectivity of the canals creates a romantic appearance, which dates back to 1275. The Conservatorium offers all the luxury that one would wish from a 19th-century architectural gem. The historical details of the building along with the presence of contemporary design soar the overall ambiance of the architectural marvel. The Tunes Bar and the Taiko restaurant are additional attractions of the old wonder.


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