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21 of the World’s Ultimate Luxurios Vacations

A vacation is not all about traveling to a particular destination, learn about its culture, or see things around. Sometimes, a vacation is a journey where you can reclaim life through the luxurious things offered by several hospitality industries. You would be far away from the natural crowd, living in mansions or palaces, surrounded by unspoiled landscapes, and romantic lodges that put up a list of luxurious travel destinations.

  1. The Brando

luxurious travel destinations

Marlon Brando purchased the private islands belonging to the French Polynesia in the 60s era while filming a movie. Currently, the island has 35 luxurious villas, each with private beach, outdoor dining area, plunge pool, media room, organic garden, spa, two restaurants, cultural center, tennis court, and a library.

  1. Pikaia Lodge

luxurious travel destinations

With a scenic view of the Galapagos from the Pikaia Lodge, which sits at the top an extinct volcano, it has everything to offer for people luxury and serene atmosphere. Standing second in the luxurious travel destinations, the lodge offers land based sports activities, tours starting from three or seven nights that includes sight-seeing through the lava running tunnels, organic coffee farming, and the freedom to explore the pristine beaches. The trip includes a yacht trip where you can choose from kayaking, snorkeling, or exploring the remote islands of the Galapagos.

  1. Laucala Island

luxurious travel destinations

Laucala Island, a treasure to cherish, is set in the middle of 3,500-acre lagoons that fall under the control of Fiji nation. Lavish villas mimic the authentic Fijian homes build using natural materials. Each house hosts private gardens lit by tiki torches. You can further find luxurious offerings such as pools, personal chefs, golf buggy, and hot tubs. Being on the list of luxurious travel destinations, the island offers fine dining, hilltop spa, and 18-hole golf course, which is an ultimate offering for all those seeking seclusion and privacy.

  1. Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

luxurious travel destinations

Escape into the wild offered by nature situated in the Canadian terrain without compromising on the luxury that you require. The resort fulfills all the requirements of the upper class that seeks luxury in every form. It has a total of 20 fully furnished luxurious tents with dressers, oil lamps, rich carpeting, and thermostat controlled wood stoves. Out of these, 15 have bathrooms with heated floors and showers. Guest will receive the option to customize their itinerary according to the period of the stay and the services available or provided by the resort.

  1. Velaa Private Island

luxurious travel destinations

With a vision to provide luxurious accommodation beyond luxury, the Velaa Private Island is perfect for those who seek seclusion, with contemporary parts added to the stay along nature and state-of-the-art amenities. Being in the list of the luxurious travel destinations, it does offer floating villa or a beachfront villa with private terraces and pools. Tucked in the Maldives, the island offers numerous activities for those who do not wish to laze around all day. The island is further notable for possessing a miniature submarine and a golf academy.

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