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Business: Essential Online Tools You Should Use

With a plethora of essential online tools available for businesses, it has become easy to manage both clients and customers. It even includes project management, marketing using social platform, and e-mails. If your workflow is slow, check out the following tools that will help in your business making it more efficient.


Blossom takes the top spot in the essential online tools list due to its ease of management and collaboration feature. The intuitive interface makes it easy for the professional to rearrange posts similar to that of a whiteboard. The tool gives the easiest way to track the progress of projects and other aspects that come into the mind.


Trying to remember what you need to post on several social media platforms will only make your existence downside while you are in the process of keeping with the updates. By using Buffer, creating a queue consisting of photos and videos is possible, after which you can schedule the time to publish them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can change the settings depending on the sensitivity of the updates. Additionally, the analytics provided by the application helps you in taking smarter decisions.


Evernote Shows the third spot in essential online tools because it is the best application that is available as it seamlessly synchronizes with all the devices. Apart from it, the app also gives you the ability to search for content in a particular document.

Help Scout

It will be difficult for any customer to open a ticket or fill out a form seeking help. Of the several essential online tools, Help Scout is one such application that allows a customer to send emails and receive easily in a shared inbox. Due to this, it becomes easy to organize and analyze queries and complaints about both the parties.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a thought-provoking tool that helps you place it on your website, which quickly redirects a visitor anywhere they wish to head. The power behind the application lives in the built-in analytics tool, which displays the best sites according to rankings. Allow Hello Bar to do the hard work rather than searching for the preferred website on your own.


If you are operating with a small team, then it is possible to create Skype room to communicate with each other. HipChat is one among the essential online tools where you can create multiple rooms for different groups. You can also connect critical applications making it easy to carry out the flow of work.


Completing a task is important. However, it is also necessary to remember what you have done or what your team competed for a particular job. IDoneThis gives you the opportunity for you and your team to keep track of the work carried out. It also allows you to browse information on Facebook to get an insight into the feed that you posted, leave a comment, and take a decision for the next step.


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