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Top 10 engineering schools in U.S.

For any one aspiring to study in one of the top engineering schools, it is always better to have a before hand knowledge about them. Each of the listed top 10 engineering schools, have recognized and well distinguished professors and facilities.
This top 10 engineering schools in US 2012 is made by our team of experts based on our list of criteria .


10. The California Institute of technology: The popularly known Caltech generally has a ranking high up the list of engineering schools. Located in Pasadena, California, this college with its high curriculum standards is a sure target for any deserving candidate.

9. Carnegie Mellon University This is one of the top ranked colleges, which not only focus over its engineering and science courses, but also its arts department as well. This mid sized university, located in Pennsylvania is strict in its selecting procedures and releases students well versed in their fields.

8. Cornell University:  The beautiful hill side location of this college is an added on advantage to its excellent faculty foundation. The Cornell also ranks among the Ivy League institutions of higher education for its engineering and agricultural departments.

7. Georgia Institute of Technology: The Georgia Tech is one of the colleges which consistently rank among the top public institutes. The science and engineering sectors form the basis of its foundation and also compete in the intercollegiate sports.

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:  The strength of MIT can hardly be doubted. With a campus lying across the Charles River, this college has definitely booked its place as the number one.

5. Purdue University: A store of above 40,000 students this West Lafayette based college, champions in over 200 academic courses. Apart from this it also tops in athletic being a part of the Big Ten Athletic team.

4. Stanford University: One of the most competitive teaching universities, Stanford is undoubtedly the best in the West Coast. The high engineering standards of this college makes it flocked by students all over.

3. University of California: Berkeley is always looked up to, for providing students with a liberal and vibrant outlook. The college based around San Francisco Bay region, boasts of its high talent in the humanities and engineering.   

2. University of Michigan: Another top class public academy is the University of Michigan based in Ann Arbor Michigan. The wide range of academic courses, admitting up to 40000 students, is compliments by its inclusion in the Big Ten Athletic teams.

1. University of Illinois: This well known public teaching and researching institution, runs through the Urbana and Champaign cities. This university is also entitled to the Big Ten seminar. Besides this it is outstanding engineering school housing over 42000 students.

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