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Top 10 jobs in demand [2012]

The job market is always changing. Even if the market is recovering sluggishly, there are certain exciting jobs which are forever in demand. The people following their heart in search of jobs to expose their skills will undoubtedly take a look at these top 10 jobs in demand.

10. The gaming manager: The smooth working of the all the games on the casino floors, are nothing but the skills of the gaming managers. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration or math, the gaming managers, basically utilize their management skills and set the balls rolling.

9. The hydrologist: With the growing changes in the environment and with the focus on sustainable ecological developments, the job of a hydrologist is clearly in demand. Both the government and private sectors are definitely in need of someone well versed with the distribution and transmission of the elements of water.

8. The network architect: For computer networking in large scale computer systems, the network architects suit perfectly. Following their learning from computer science and management degrees, these experts design and format programs to implement computer arrangements.

7. The multimedia artist: The in built knack for knowledge added on with creativity, is the characteristic of a multimedia artist. This rewarding career, is usually taken up by persons with the ability to visualizes the planning purposes and provide such visuals to develop our world.

6. The logistician: For the smooth and planned out movement of goods and materials to their required places, logisticians are needed. Besides having good communication skills, and organizing skills, the logisticians should have expertise training and qualifications to complete the job demand.

5. The training development manager: The training developments managers are present everywhere, whether it is for healthcare or in the corporate world. The main purpose of a training development manager is to teach and train employees to effectively conduct their duties and be natural leaders.

4. Category manager: Working under suppliers, the category managers actually negotiate the supply, price and level of satisfaction with the retailers. This relationship with the retailers revolves around the objects to provide an overall better shopping experience.

3. Environmental health and safety specialist: The specialists particularly test the water, air and machine qualities to ensure that any harmful elements cannot affect the employees.

2. The urban planner: The city officials always require consulting the urban planners to decide on the best places to build parks, schools and malls. They basically organize data following maps and computers to make it easy for the officials to navigate the area.

1. Risk management manager: A project or business, involves many risks, which need to be determined and strategies should be build to reduce and prioritize such risks. This is the job of an efficient risk management manager.

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