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Top 10 Worst Online Dating Sites

Over the years all of us have heard at some point great stories about how people met on a dating site and have been madly in love since. Cute little stories that are becoming more and more popular. Dating sites gained a huge amount of exposure in the last couple of years. People became less skeptical in their views towards dating sites, and so the industry got a lot bigger.

As the industry got bigger,sites became separated into good dating sites,and bad dating sites, that’s pretty forward. This article is meant to bring up the ones that have absolutely no clue about how dating works.

1. Golfmates
Yes, Golfmates is exactly what you think it is. A dating site designed for people that fantasize about a romantic date on the golf course.Maybe it is a cover for the ladies and women who want a rich man, but have just a bit of decency not to show off as a gold digger. If this site really manages to bring people together, I will be impressed.

online dating websites

2. Cupidtino
We know how much Apple fans love the products. It’s grown to be almost as a religion.But making an online dating site for Apple fans strictly,drove things a bit too far. What are the standards behind this really? “Oh you have an Android smartphone,I would be never dating you”. It’s pretty funny even,shows how much most of the Apple fanboys/fangirls are locked in their tiny technological cage.

3. SinglesWithFoodAllergies
Okay, this has a bit of a logic going, but I strongly believe that this is not really necessary. You could write up your food allergy in ANY dating site bio on your profile.But who knows,maybe there are people who fall in love with another persons allergy,you never know.

4. Beautiful People

worst dating websites
Yep,there is a dating site dedicated exclusively to beautiful people. I would like to know the criteria of joining this site,if there is any. Do they have a department which rates people on scale from 1 to 10 in order to let them use the site?Now in all seriousness, if you are narcissistic and arrogant enough to join this site, don’t expect some high quality personalities.

5. StachePassions
Designed for people who have and people who love moustaches, this one really sounds like an exclusivist, luxury foundation. Something like the mile high club, but with more ‘staches. Even if it sounds absurd,this may be the first one off this list that actually gets the job done.

6. TrekPassions
Not only for Star-Trek fans,but for any hardcore sci-fi lover. I wonder what happens when at the date the two start arguing which one is better, Star Wars or Star-Trek.

7. SeaCaptainDate
If you are looking for a strong-armed, sea wolf companion, this is the place.
Even the area in which you look for a partner is written in nautical miles.

online dating websites

8. Sugardaddyforme
Now we are getting in the kinky area of the issue at hand. As a man,don’t expect to find the most cultural person with love for Chopin,or the most intelligent one. This one is for the men with really deep pockets,and very low standards. Also, if you met your now-wife on “sugardaddyforme”, she might,only might,not love you, and might wait for you to die so as to get her hands on some decent money.

9. Meet-an-inmate
Everyone deserves a second chance,of course, but I don’t think this argument will lighten up your mom when you will be showing up with an ex-inmate covered in tattoos. It may hard for ex-cons to blend in after time inside, but I don’t think this site really helps with the issue.

10. Ashley Madison
Of course this list could not be complete without the infamous Ashley Madison. The online dating site that encourages you to cheat. Their slogan “Life is short.Have an affair” does not sound quite as a business strategy to me.Anyway, it is sad that many men fell victim to this one.

I am extremely curious how well this sites actually work, and if people found their soulmates through them.

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