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Top Online Guitar Tuner Websites

Learning an instrument is never easy,usually people jump into it and find themselves overwhelmed by all the things that won’t add up and make no sense,and the majority will most likely give up after one or two months.

When I started learning guitar,I had no tools that would make my life easier,absolutely none,so I had to do everything by    myself.Nowadays,however,things are a lot different.In this article I would like to cover  only the tools that help you regarding the tuning of the guitar,because if the guitar is not in tune,you cannot do much with it,right?

The Glenson Tuner

The one online tuner that appears to be the most famous.The design resemblaces the front of a guitar head amp,with the six strings.The moment you click one,it will play the sound so as for you to tune your guitar to that specific note.
What makes this tuner very comfortable to be used,is the “Auto Advance” feature,which basically will play each note a few times before automatically moving on to the other.

Chord Book

Our next tuner,Chord Book,provides an easy-to-use interface,while letting its users choose in which tuning they would like to tune their guitar.So not just standard tuning,but also dropped tunings,and the other standard ones.

Hot Frets

Hot Frets has a very simplistic design,straight to the point type of tool,six strings in standard tuning,you click them,you tune and you’re good to go.

Tune My Bass

Now to a more complex online tuner,Tune My Bass really shows love to all the bassists out there,being by far one of the best online tuner you could stumble upon.Right from the start it lets you choose what type of guitar do you want to tune,such as 5-6 stringed basses or even 7-8 stringed guitars,then,”custom tuning” lets you to save your presets in a file on your computer.
When you get to tuning,you just run your mouse over the string and the note will play,simultaneously,the note will be displayed on the tuner.Even more than that,while you are tuning your guitar/bass,all sorts of animation will be playing on your screen.

Online Guitar Tuner

This tuner offers a great variety of tunings,and that is the first thing you must do when you fire the website up:choose your tuning.You have what to choose from double drop D to open G tuning.
Then,the headstock of the guitar appears with the notes written on the keys.The only downside this website has is that the notes do no play continuously,so you have to click the note everytime you want to hear it.

Tuning by ear will not be easy at first,because your ear is not trained enough to hear the notes and identify them perfectly,but using an online tuner will help you improve this trait faster,and more accurately,because you will only be using mostly only 6 notes.

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