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Top Ten New Free Online Games 2016-2017

The gaming industry has grown huge in the last decade,and so,a huge batch of games have been put out since.The ever-present question “what should I play?” might have brought you to this article,so here are 10 of the best new free online games you can try out.


The new anime action RPG made quite a name in Korea.It delivers a fun experience,shipping the Diablo-style point and click type of game.The characters are designed with a lot of crazy abilities to use,and look in a rather pleasant way.If you like fighting,looting your way up the leaderboards and the anime type of art,HeroWarz is the game for you.

Gwent:The Witcher Card Game

After the huge success “The Witcher 3” had,CD Projekt Red are close to releasing the card game based on the Witcher universe.The card game is expected to be a competitor for Blizzards “Hearthstone”-the currently most popular card game.The Polish studio is known for having a huge respect for their fans,so a very well-made game is in the cards.The game will be totally free,and will even have a cross-platform feature,so as PC users will also be able to play with Xbox users.

Tree of Savior

Referred to as the successor of “Ragnarok Online”,Tree of Savior is the kind of game that does not really accept casual players.In order to get the hang of the RPG,you need to invest some time in researching the complex approaches you can take so as to be a good player.Its cartoon-ish graphics ensure that players will have a beautiful experience throughout the game.

Master X Master

NCSoft  put out last month its new action MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) for the western gaming market.The game ships more than a mere MOBA,implementing some rather interesting PVE content,and adding masters from the NCSoft universe,such as:Guild Wars 2,Aion,Blade & Soul,Lineage.The fun,fast-paced type of action is guaranteed to bring about players by the end of the year.


Epic Games managed to put out one of the best free online third-person MOBAs out there.The Unreal Engine 4 used in Paragorn delivers a beautiful,smooth experience.The game looks and moves insanely beautiful.Even more than that,Paragorn lets its players start from an even level,all the heroes being playable right from the start.Even if you are not a fan of the genre,you should give Paragorn a shot,because it offers an immerse,enjoyable experience.

free online games

Mu Legend

The successor of the great MMORPG Mu Online took a bit of time to shape up,but it’s expected to be one of the best free online hack’n’slash type of RPG.With the right time put in by developers,I strongly believe it can be better than the famous Diablo.It’s fast paced,and you do not need to grind as hard as in other similar games.

Riders of Icarus

The new,stunningly-looking online MMORPG had to be on this list.The Cry Engine 3 (also used in Crysis 2) delivers a smooth animated experience and renders beautiful sights around the huge map.Riders of Icarus (or Icarus Online for the Korean name) action revolves around players capturing as many mounts as they can.Even if the basic ideea does not strive for much,the way in which every detail is shaped makes this game a must-play.

Unreal Tournament

The great third-person shooter comes back  with a new face.Epic Games revived UT with this last game,which looks great,and maintains the fast-paced fragging spirit of UT that we all love.The fact that it is free to play AND developed in an extraordinary manner should bring about new players,not only veterans who spent hours fragging on the classic ’99 Unreal Tournament.

Paladins:Champions of the Realm

After they successfully made a great third-person MOBA in response to Riot’s League of Legends,when no one believed they could,Hi-Rez studios have done the impossible with Paladins.The resemblances with the monolith that is Overwatch are striking,but that should not keep you away from having fun with this game.It is completely free,and insanely fun,and while it is not Overwatch,it is the best alternative out there,proving that online free games can also have quality.

Revelation Online

Being on the same page with Blade & Soul,the big free to play online MMORPG  offers three types of combat option,even non-target combat,which is pretty amazing that it has been implemented.It’s not something insanely good,but it is a super fun RPG,which,unlike others,does not need its players to invest huge amount of hours in order to become at least average.

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