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Make-Up and Fashion: Unbelievable Hollywood Transformations

Make-up and fashion provide the ability for the technician to alter the appearance of the actor or actress according to the script. Hollywood fashion is also something that is noticeable across the globe.

  1. Brad Pitt

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Watching Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button talks about the make-up and fashion that quickly transforms a person into another individual.

  1. John Matuszak

make up Unbelievable Transformations

A professional football player, John played the role of sloth in the Goonies with terrible facial deformities. The make-up and Hollywood fashion during the 80s created a revolutionary with this step, and the sloth is an icon until today.

  1. Ralph Fiennes

make up Unbelievable Transformations

While most of the face features of Ralph Fiennes were done using visual effects, the snake-like nose was the result of using CGI.

  1. Eddie Murphy

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Eddie Murphy is a natural actor and always likes to play a majority of the roles by himself. The best example is The Nutty Professor, where he plays a bunch of tubby characters. Although it is easily recognizable, portraying individual personalities was flawless, making it true that all the characters were different.

  1. Robin Williams

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Watching Mrs. Doubtfire brings back the old memories. Hollywood fashion turned the late actor into the best nanny that the world could have, which also left an incredible impression that will last forever. Getting into the character of Mrs. Doubtfire required eight stages of make-up.

  1. Charlize Theron

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Charlize Theron wanted people to acclaim her as an actress because of the skills she possesses. Therefore, she underwent the usual Hollywood fashion, and make-up change over that turned her into a serial killer Aileen Wuormos, which is an incredible intense role in her career.

  1. Jim Carrey

make up Unbelievable Transformations

After performing in The Mask, Jim Carrey stated that he would never choose a position that required profound make-up transformation. Regardless of this, he went on to accept the role of the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas because of the script. Additionally, he continued to take classes on curbing and resist picking at the face because of the uncomfortable make-up.

  1. Robert Downey Jr.

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Downey Jr. had a complete transformation for the Tropic Thunder movie. The Hollywood fashion indeed created the greatest character in the film. Speaking honestly, it did convince audiences as well.

  1. Heath Ledger

make up Unbelievable Transformations

The crazy transformation of Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight was pretty intense. In a statement, Heath Ledger reportedly stated that he went on to opt for the role to create a serious effect in the entire movie. The result was favorable, as it created the needed impact for the audiences.

  1. Gary Oldman

make up Unbelievable Transformations

Hollywood fashion indeed changed Gary Oldman into an unrecognizable individual in Hannibal. Gary Oldman is a chameleon and possesses the skill for taking up a diversity of roles, which required different make-ups as well as accents.

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