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The World’s Top Unforgettable Luxury Travel Destinations

Luxurious travel destinations always have their charm, elegance, and ambiance, which is not possible to create by standard destinations that many people choose because of budget constraints. However, a plethora of luxury destinations awaits visitation from the upper-class segment, where money is not a barrier. All they seek is the luxury, and wish to have everything that they could get with the money they spend. Both old and new luxury destinations offer what luxury travelers seek.

  1. Tahiti, French Polynesia

luxurious travel destinations

Residing in the midst of New Zealand and Peru, the nested islands are not a desirable destination for everyone. Given the prices and with no activities to perform other than snorkeling and lazing in the overwater bungalow, French Polynesia is sleepy in terms of traveler’s language.

  1. New York

luxurious travel destinations

New York, the city that never sleeps, has much to offer for luxury travelers. Apart from being a business hub and cultural capital, New York finds its way into the luxurious travel destinations due to the cultural beacons, legendary stores, Manhattan’s backyard, and the central park. During the night, travelers can dine at “Michael Jordan The Steak House” restaurant or beautiful restaurants like Kingside in the Viceroy.

  1. Paris

luxurious travel destinations

Paris is the romantic spot with numerous locations to explore from historical boulevards to artsy galleries. You are bound to spell bounded by the monuments, architecture, divine restaurants and hotels, and highly charming boutiques.

  1. London

luxurious travel destinations

London, the birth place of English-speaking civilization, resides on the river Thames, which is similar to that of the Americans. However, it does take pride in protecting its culture with an accent that anyone can understand. And, not to forget, London invented the butler service. Luxury travelers can choose The Langham, The Corinthia London, or an artistic and trendy hotel from the happening Andaz Liverpool Street.

  1. Italy

luxurious travel destinations

Italy is a must visit place in the luxurious travel destinations list. Even if you reside and travel across the country, you will never feel bored for the rest of the life. Venice, Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples or Sicily, Cortina, and Amalfi Coasts are a few to name where you can acquire all the expensive things that you need. They all overwhelm you, and, therefore, choosing a luxury destination in always a tedious task.

  1. Las Vegas

luxurious travel destinations

World’s gambling capital, Las Vegas, boasts of some of the finest and luxurious offerings with 24-hour running casinos. It draws millions of vacationists from all over the globe not only for its gambling presence but also for the luxurious stay provided by some of the finest hospitality industries in the world.

  1. Private Caribbean

luxurious travel destinations

When it comes to privacy, luxurious travel destinations always consist of Caribbean. Furthermore, the private islands offer exclusive features with distinct clienteles, personalities, and languages. Select from French, Dutch, and English speaking islands or enter the world of eco-tourism in the Dominican Republic. With the right selection of the isle, the fantasy of having a luxurious vacation becomes a reality.


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